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The Hatching
of the
Western Waterslager Club - WWC

In 1999, several local breeders interested in promoting the Waterslager canary met for dinner to share dreams, ideas and friendship. After several dinner meetings, our focus soon turned to hosting a local song contest. We wanted to get our birds scored and learn more about the unique Waterslager song.

As we spent time together, it became apparent that we all had many different skills and experiences that complimented one another. We decided to meld our talents and form a team.

In January 2001, we had our first show. The success of the show was motivating and encouraging. We learned a great deal on how to run a show by the more experienced who stepped in to help. We had the pleasure to welcome many new fanciers and enjoyed learning from the experienced exhibitors.</SPA

Several months later, we received a letter from the President of AWS. They declined our request to become a chapter. They stated they were not setup to handle chapters.

Since our show planning was well under way, the group decided to continue with our plans for a second show in January of 2002.

The 2002 show was a huge success. Our Belgium judge, Robert Mittenmeyer was complimentary about the quality of our birds. He compared the quality to those of a "good Belgium show". At the close of the show, we invited all interested parties to meet with us and deterimine where we go from here. WWC's future was in the hands of those present. We had concerns about a show in 2003 because the National Caged Bird Show was in California the coming year. We also questioned our future. Was there a desire for a western regional Waterslager club?

The response we received from those present at this meeting was overwhelming. They liked the professional quality of our shows, the hospitality, the educational aspect and the friendships they had developed. We received a hardy "green light" to proceed with our plans for a yearly show and form a regional club.

We gained about 10 new members at this meeting and continue to grow as we promote and foster the breeding and showing of this unique song canary.

Following the Belgium tradition of many chapters within a larger regional organization, we stepped forward to apply to the American Waterlager Society for chapter status. As we anxiously waited for their reply, we began planning for our second show. We were excited and ready to learn and do more to promote the Waterslager in the western region of the US.

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Waterslager photos taken by Richard Rolloff and Pam Filipski.

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